The Priory Palace (castle) is a symbol and “visiting card” of Gatchina. A modest, but unusually spectacular and mysterious building along with a picturesque park give guests great joy and peace of mind.
Everything is unusual in this building: its name and material, construction technology and legends associated with it. The Priory Palace is the only architectural monument in Russia built using adobe technology.
This unique building was erected in a quiet location on the shores of the Black Lake by the architect Nikolai Lvov in 1799.
The name of the palace comes from the Latin word “prior”, which means a monastery and, indeed, this building was built as a place of residence for the Knights of Malta, and earlier it was called Priory Priesthood or simply Priory.
Construction technology: compressed loam was placed in a wooden formwork and filled with lime mortar. It turned out quite solidly and for more than 220 years this amazing structure has been towering in a secluded place away from other buildings.
One of the most common legends tells that there is an underground passage between the office of Paul I, in the Clock Tower of the Grand Palace, and Priory. In fact, the tunnel was discovered and the researcher was able to cover 100 meters, but so far it has not been possible to find out the purpose of the course and where it leads.

Telephone: 8 (81371) 76 467 

Address: Gatchina, Chkalov street, Priory Park 

Directions: by train leaving from Baltisky Railway station to Gatchina. By bus 431, route taxi 18, 18a, 100 leaving from Moskovskaya metro station, or by bus 631 from Prospect Veteranov metro station.