Musical performance based on Western European operas

Immediately dispel doubts, this is not the same famous musical E.L. Webber. The performance was not born on Broadway, but in the walls of the Petersburg Concert. Although the image of our Ghost is very reminiscent of the famous Phantom. The play includes famous and beloved duets and arias from the operas Carmen by J. Bizet, Don Juan by W. Mozart and Madame Butterfly by G. Puccini. Of course, the famous Phantom aria from the Phantom of the Opera by E. L. Webber will also sound.

The musical material is united by a common plot, the main characters of which are the Young Singer and the Ghost. Its action takes place in the front rooms of the House of Kochneva. Spectators will witness amusing behind-the-scenes dialogues and, for sure, will laugh at something, and somewhere will reflect on the words of the characters. The stunning music of the great composers and the dramatic plots of the great operas guarantee a wide range of emotions.

The play includes music by Bizet, Mozart, Puccini, Webber
Scriptwriter and Stage Director: Nikolay Duxin
production designer and costume designer - Andrey Pronin
Musical Director - Lev Dunaev
choreographer - Natalia Kuricheva