Sightseeing in Gatchina

Gatchina Palace

The Great Gatchina Palace was built from 1766 to 1781 by Antonio Rinaldi for Count Grigori Grigoryevich Orlov, who was a favourite of Catherine the Great, in Gatchina, a suburb of the royal capital Saint Petersburg. The Gatchina Palace combines classical architecture and themes of a medieval castle with ornate interiors typical of Russian classicism, located on a hill in central Gatchina next to Lake Serebryany. The Gatchina Palace became one of the favourite residences of the Russian Imperial Family, and during the 19th century was an important site of Russian politics.

Priory Palace

The Priory Palace (castle) is a symbol and “visiting card” of Gatchina. A modest, but unusually spectacular and mysterious building along with a picturesque park give guests great joy and peace of mind.
Everything is unusual in this building: its name and material, construction technology and legends associated with it. The Priory Palace is the only architectural monument in Russia built using adobe technology.
This unique building was erected in a quiet location on the shores of the Black Lake by the architect Nikolai Lvov in 1799.

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